Sep 17, 2017
Masha Baghdadi

Tartina Di Mare

I’m so so so sad… so sad that it took me all this time to try out this place 😀 I realized that I’ve been missing out big time!


Where to start?

Well, I’d start by stating that this place is perfection in all aspects; from the food to the cleanliness to the ambiance to the service! Everything!

Yes, the place is small, that’s a fact; yet it’s so cozy with nice soft Italian music playing in the background that makes you feel so relaxed.

The owners of the place, Mario & Elie, are super friendly and hospitable, and the fact that they built the place from scratch all by themselves is fascinating and shows how passionate they are about their business. I really have a lot of affection for such people. They personally serve their guests; Elie also prepares the food.

We were welcomed by Mario who told us the story behind the place and how they came up with this concept of Italian and Seafood fusion. He also told us that they only use fresh ingredients and products imported from Italy (except for the olive oil which is proudly Lebanese).

One word describes the food for me: Orgasmic!

We started off with the Crab Salad: super fresh, light and delicious. Not like any other crab salad you would have somewhere else.

Next was the Salmon Pasta which was recommended by Mario and Elie. Oh my God! No wonder they insisted that we try it. It is mouthwatering! Al Dente cooked pasta with smoked salmon in a super yummy sauce topped with Parmesan is just amazing! You don’t get the feeling that you’re actually eating salmon.

Moving on to the Salmon Sandwich (Salmone Al Limone), it was yummy! I personally liked it a lot and didn’t mind at all the combination of fresh tomatoes with smoked salmon. The ciabatta is freshly baked on daily basis. It is so fluffy and light.

Moving on to my favorite item: the Truffle Pizza! Oh my Lord! It is heavenly! Probably the best I’ve ever had. I could not stop; it is addictive. My taste buds will remember it forever! They said they import it half-cooked to Lebanon and bake it to perfection at their place.


Attention: the Caramel Cheesecake is just out of this world! You cannot leave without trying it. It just melts inside your month. The caramel is not too sweet; it’s just perfect!

We were also having rose Italian Wine; it was very good and costs only 8,000 LL per glass.

All their prices are very affordable knowing that the quality and quantity are top!

They also have weekly specialties and always have new items on their menu. So looking forward!

Finally, I would like to point out that the place is amazingly clean; it’s impressive. Mario told us they daily clean the forks and knives with vinegar to keep them shining.

I think I can go on and on talking about this place. Thank you again Mario and Elie for the invite and the fabulous dinner and hospitality. We really enjoyed the food as well as your company.

I will definitely visit again very very soon because I can’t wait to try other items off the menu like the Octopus Sandwich and the chocolate tarte and many many more… and probably a slice of that truffle pizza again! 😀