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Feb 18, 2019
Masha Baghdadi
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Breakfast Barn: Organic Eatery

Now, this is definitely one of my favorite breakfast spots in Lebanon. I love the ambiance, the interior, and the food they serve is simply delicious not to mention the fact that it’s super healthy, organic, and fresh. I love their jars (Quickies) that contain organic almond chia pudding with various toppings. So refreshing! You […]

Oct 23, 2017
Masha Baghdadi

Eat Sunshine

  I finally made it to this place, and I liked it a lot! The interior is lovely, so fresh with lots of light because most of the ceiling is glass. It’s clean and well-designed. It’s also a boutique, you pass through it to reach the café, selling home décor and stuff like that. We [...]