Sep 26, 2017
Masha Baghdadi

Swiss Butter

Heard a lot of talk about Swiss Butter since the day it opened and was curious to know what all the hype was about. I also heard that the waiting time to get in is sooo long (almost an hour), and the place does not take reservations what left me a bit uncertain and skeptic about the whole visit since I hate waiting (though I’m always late and make others wait – but that’s irrelevant now :D).

Anyhow, we did try out this place about a month ago, and here I am today writing a review that I should’ve written way before.


We went on a weekday around 9:30 pm; the place was still too busy, and we had to wait for almost an hour to find a spot. The annoying part about it is the fact that you have to wait in the street, so I really recommend them to create some waiting area, like an adjacent bar or something, so one can able to have a drink and relax until a table becomes vacant.

In fact, once we arrived, the waiting line was huge, so we went to some nearby place to have a drink. Around 40 minutes later, we came back, and still we had to wait! I was starting to get really annoyed from all this procedure, plus it was humid and hot outside. I can’t imagine what people would do if it were raining! Anyway, I was about to leave, but my friends insisted we stay. 20 minutes later, we finally entered, and surprise!!! Inside we were waiting again…


However, to be honest, it was worth the wait! Food is really good; I will talk about it in detail later on. Also, friendly staff and fast service. They noticed I was annoyed, so Edy (consultant) visited our table, apologized for all the waiting, and took a lot of his time to explain to us the concept of the place, how they work, and whatever we wanted to know! It was really a pleasure. In addition, they served us dessert on the house as an apology for the inconvenience.


So, before I talk about the food or anything else, there are two things you need to keep in mind before visiting Swiss Butter so as not to be disappointed.

No.1 – Don’t be mistaken. This is not a fine dining restaurant; it’s a super casual place. So, if you’re looking for a place to spend hours sipping wine and take your time with dinner in a chill atmosphere, then this is not the right choice. This is a nice casual place, cool urban design, very busy and pretty noisy that is a great option if you wanna have a quick good quality meal.

No.2 – The place is meant to have people come and go all the time, that’s why they don’t take reservations. So, once you arrive, put your name on the waiting list, ask them about the average waiting time, and go have a drink somewhere close by so as not to wait in the street. Later come back to quickly find a spot.


As I’ve mentioned before, the concept of the place is a fast food restaurant serving quality meat instead of junk food. Once you order, food is served in less than 10 minutes since everything is systematic in the kitchen. Also, the food menu is limited to three mains (Chicken, Beef Filet, and Salmon) and three desserts (Pain Perdu, Molten Chocolate, and Ice Cream/Sorbet). We tried almost everything on the menu; for me, beef was the best. It was very tasty and cooked to perfection. Chicken was very good, but salmon was 50-50. They’re all served in their specialty sauce which is by the way super yummy! All mains come with a side salad, your choice of fries or baked potato, as well as your choice of white or brown bread. For ultimate enjoyment, dip the bread in the sauce… it’s divine! The portions are okay; not big and not too small.

Dessert was mouthwatering. Molten Chocolate was tasty, but Pain Perdu was to-die-for!

Finally, the prices are very affordable, especially that you’re actually having a good quality steak! So, the price / quality ratio is probably one of the best in town.

Highly recommended place!