Sep 30, 2017
Masha Baghdadi



Okay… where to start?! Perhaps, I’ll start with declaring that it was love at first sight 😀

This place is truly amazing, from the reservation to the reception to the fooood to the ambiance to the service to the… everything!

Salute to the owner, Charbel Makhlouf, for such a great job and of course best of luck! I really have an affection for people who put so much love and passion into what they do, and Charbel is definitely one of them! The way he was explaining to us the concept of the place and the food they serve was captivating! He toured the restaurant and approached each and every guest to chit chat and see if they’re enjoying their time!


Speaking of the food, you definitely don’t wanna miss the skewers; they’re mouthwatering! We tried the Cheesy Salmon; it was to-die-for! The Flaming Scallops was super yummy too! I think next time I will order all of the rest to try. Then we tried several different maki, all were tasty. After that came the steak!!! OMG! For sure you shouldn’t miss that either. Very good meat cooked to perfection! Oh and as for dessert, we couldn’t but try the Chocolate Orgasm, and the name says it all!

Service was top! We sat at the bar, and I’d say it was a lovely experience since the bartenders were super friendly especially Nour who took good care of us.

It’s an awesome choice when you’re not sure if you wanna go for sushi or steak

A must must must try!!! Will definitely be back!