Oct 25, 2017
Masha Baghdadi

#SaltBae – Dubai

Now this is a place you MUST TRY. Yes, it’s expensive… like really expensive (our bill was almost $300 for two people without alcohol – because they don’t serve it) but believe me, it’s worth every penny.

I’ve been dying to visit this place after watching all those funny and super yummy videos on Instagram. So, when I decided I was going to Dubai, I had it No.1 on my “to-do-list”. We so wanted to meet Nusret in person, but unfortunately, he was in Abu Dhabi’s branch at that time.

Speaking of the food, it was just as mouthwatering as we expected it to be! And another very impressive fact is how food is presented.

We ordered the Nusr-et Goat Cheese Salad which tasted really good and was mixed at our table and served to us by the waiter.

Do not miss the meat sushi; they are very tasty and how they’re prepared is a show by itself. A chef approaches you with a moving table and cooks them with a torch.

I think for a first visit, the Nusr-et Special is a must-try! It comes in portions: for 2, 3, or 4 people. Since we were two, we went for the first option which is 500 grams of tenderloin sliced and grilled to perfection on a hot plate with boiling butter at your table by the chef himself. It’s to-die-for! Probably the best steak one could ever have. It’s also served with bread dipped along with the meat in the same butter. Believe me, you will want to finish every single piece even if you’re already full.

For dessert, we asked for the Baklava, but since we were really full we ordered it as take away. It’s yummy but we shared it as well because it’s a bit too sweet for one person. For dine-in, it is served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Concerning the ambiance, the place is too loud and over-crowded. The tables are very close to each other. This is probably the only negative point I have, and still it didn’t ruin our experience. I would probably make the music a bit lower, so that it becomes less noisy. Anyway, remember this place is not a fine dining restaurant so do not expect a calm atmosphere, and don’t forget to reserve at least couple days before.

Finally, I would like to mention that the service is on point. The waiters are always around to assist you. They always notice if your plate is about to be empty and directly scoop you some more. They’re all well-taught and can ensure an amazing experience as if Nusret himself is serving you. It’s really impressive how much effort he puts into his work and how he ensures that all his branches retain the same high quality even if he’s not around.