Shampoo by Najel

Shampoo by Najel

So, for those who requested:

Review about Najel shampoo (@najel.organics)


First of all, the BIO COSMOS ORGANIC Certificate is what got me all excited to try this product! Such certifications are only given to approved organic products. Then I was surprised to see “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” !!! Was about to go crazy but then learned that it is accepted by COSMOS and “Sodium Laureth Sulfate” is the toxic ingredient.


First Impression:

1- The smell reminded me of homemade Lebanese soap “baladi”. Yes, it’s not fruity and flowery, but it is good and natural.

2- It’s foamy since it contains SLS, so if you’re not used to organic products, you will not feel weird.

3- I felt like my hair is clean and fresh, soft and easily brushed (but I used conditioner as well for the tips).

However, I came after a party my hair full of smoke. I felt like the smell didn’t go away 100%, but maybe I was still disgusted from all the smoke.

After using it for almost three weeks, I can say with all confidence that I like it. My hair is soft and feels fresh and healthy. Also, usually my hair becomes greasy in less than 24 hours; with Najel it’s staying clean a bit longer. Of course not by days 😀 but somehow longer.

You can order yours from and don’t forget to use my promocode MASHABFEEL22 on checkout to benefit from a 10% discount. Delivery is free across Lebanon!

PS. I never recommend products that I don’t like, so this review is 100% honest!