Gatsby Party

Gatsby Party

A friend of mine threw a Gatsby themed party a while ago, and I was super excited about dressing up. I love this style, the 1920s flapper girl, so I put quite some effort and research into the outfit and was actually very happy with the result 😀

There are key elements for a Gatsby-style outfit:
1. The dress: This was probably the hardest part; finding an appropriate dress. You need something with fringes or pailletes. It can be of different lengths; I wanted something mid-thigh. I noticed that the dress has to be preferably sleeveless; however, there are many options that could work as well, you just need to find something that you really like.
2. The headpiece: A headpiece is essential. You cannot attend a Gatsby party without a headpiece. It can be of different designs. Of course, it must go well with the dress. Also, you can never go wrong with a nice, classy feather.
3. The hair: They used to have short haircuts. If you’re not willing to cut your hair just for the sake of a party (like my case, for example) then simply make a low bun or get a wig!
4. The accessories: This is another essential element of a Gatsby outfit. Pearls, pearls, and pearls! Wear lots of them as necklaces and bracelets as long as they go with your dress and don’t become too much. Other statement necklaces can also work just fine. If your ears are showing, then wear some great earrings as well. Gloves, long or short, lace or satin, are also a great idea. If they don’t kill the dress, then sure why not!
5. The shoes and bag: You can never go wrong if you choose shoes with straps, just don’t choose super high heels and double soles, they didn’t have them back then. Take a small clutch that goes well with your shoes.

We’re almost done, just few more tips. Put some nice natural makeup, a bright lipstick, red for example, is a plus. Don’t forget the cigarette holder; it doesn’t matter if you don’t smoke, just hold it for a “Wow” effect. Finally, wear a fur jacket or shawl for the best results.

They used to put a lot of thought into their outfits and study the details well, but always kept it classy. Remember, don’t overdo it! Everything should be in harmony. Enjoy 😉

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