Aug 18, 2017
Masha Baghdadi

My Happy Place

I think I found myself a piece of heaven in Lebanon; Orchid Batroun you took my heart away!

I’ve been a fan of Orchid Jieh for years now, and finally this summer I made it to their branch in Batroun which opened last year. Yes, it’s a long drive from Beirut and an even longer one from the South… but trust me… it’s worth it!

An important tip that you need to keep in mind:

Try to leave early, before 10 am if you’re coming from Beirut, so as not to get stuck in Jounieh traffic (it’s disastrous), and your day will be just perfect, believe me! On your way, you can pass by let’s say Paul in Ghazir to grab breakfast and continue your trip. However, even if you do get stuck and feel frustrated and exhausted from all the traffic, you will let go all the negative energy once you arrive, specially that you’re directly served a welcome drink.

This all-white resort with green spaces will make you feel so relaxed, and this is one of the top things I liked about this place.

What else I liked?


It is smaller than the Jieh branch, but much more calming. Laid back ambiance that makes you feel like you’re at a private pool. Comfy beds as in Jieh, and Orchid’s signature cleanliness and luxury. Light music, friendly staff, and relaxed people. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for something romantic specially that it’s for adults only! Place closes at 7, so you can easily stay for one last drink at sunset to enjoy your awesome day to the max!


It’s not overcrowded, but still make sure to reserve at least a couple days before. This way you make sure your spot will be waiting for you, since, as I have already mentioned, the place is small. Ask for places next to the infinity pool or facing the sea. They’re the best. If you’re a group, you can always reserve the lounge with a private Jacuzzi. Entrance fees: 45,000 LL per person; Jacuzzi lounge comes at a separate fee.


The infinity pool is amazing; it’s filled with sea water by the way which I personally prefer. The view is breathtaking, seriously. If you wish to have a swim in the sea, the water is super clean but make sure to have some shoes for swimming with you because it’s a rocky beach.

Food and Drinks

The menu is the same as in Jieh, but I felt like the portions are slightly bigger in Batroun. Sangria is Top! My favorite! As for non-alcoholic drinks, you can have La Vie en Rose or La Vie en Vert, both very refreshing and tasty. Food is good, but to be honest it used to be better. I would recommend the Halloumi wrap if you want something light. Chicken Quesadillas are good too. Ask if they have Bizri (baby fish), they’re yummy!

After such an experience, how can I say anything other than the fact that Lebanon is beautiful? Our country is indeed a blessing, but unfortunately, we totally disregard it.



In case you were wondering 😀
These gorgeous bottles are from @swellbottle
Barefoot sandals from @lucedelsole.leb
Hat from
Swimsuit from Women’secret
Sunglasses Tom Ford
Kaftan is vintage 😀