May 05, 2018
Masha Baghdadi

Mains et Fleurs

What a gorgeous new place! The interior is outstanding! The concept of this place is a collection of different cuisines, ambiances, and settings, but all under the umbrella of luxury and comfort. It is divided into several zones each has its own mood. It literally has everything you could possibly ask for. Actually, this place used to be an old apartment, so the room distribution was kept the same and rooms was converted into the following: a bar, a fine dining area, a cigar lounge, and a fireplace room with an adjacent wine cellar. There’s also a balcony that they were preparing to become a sunset bar for the summer.

The menu consists of five different cuisines: “twisted” Lebanese, French, Italian, Asian, and Latin, each having couple cold and hot appetizers, salads, main dishes, and desserts. You can mix and match, but I noticed our main focus was Italian with the addition of a salad from the Lebanese section and dessert from the French.

While choosing, we were served bread sticks with the restaurant’s special dip; it was yummy! In fact, it was really hard to select what to order, but thanks to our awesome waiter, we were able to decide. We started off with the “Fake Tabbouleh”; it’s fake because it has chickpeas and pomegranate. Nice twist! Then we tried the “Funghi Ripieni” which were very good and the “Cannelloni Chicken” which we really liked. After that we had the “Shrimp Kale Salad” – we loved it, and the “Orzo Sea Food” – it was really delicious though at first it might seem a bit weird, but then you understand that it’s just different and actually tastes good. Finally, we had the “Pain Gagne”; it was out of this world. If it weren’t for the late hour and us being already full, we would have devoured it in 10 seconds.

We also loved the presentation, everything looked very appetizing.

Friendly, well-trained staff and great service.

It’s definitely a must try! Highly recommended.