May 05, 2018
Masha Baghdadi

La Petite Table

LPT – Verdun

First time I visited “La Petite Table – LPT” was at their Verdun branch shortly after their opening. I was invited to a Zomato Meetup for breakfast, and it was lovely! Honestly, I don’t know where to start! First we were served coffee and tea with a selection of deliciously-looking croissants, then we were invited to the breakfast buffet… Oh well, it was very generous! There were so many choices that you just don’t know where to start. You feel like you want to try everything! All were fresh and looked very appealing. After that we were served granola bowls some with yogurt and fruits and others with labneh and vegetables; very tasty! Following that came the eggs… You think you’re full, but you keep eating and eating… We tried the “Sunny-Side Up and Chorizo” and the “Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon” – Yummm! And finally the waffles; they were out of this world! Oh, how could I forget the avocado toast?! It was heavenly! Several times later, I went to LPT just to have this exact same toast.

Another time I went to LPT for lunch and tried the “Beef Filet with Mushroom Fettuccine”; it was delicious. My mom had the “7-Hour Lamb, Sausage, and Couscous”; she said it was very tasty; mom is a very picky person, so her opinion is to-be-trusted. For me, I’m not a fan of lamb or couscous, so I can’t really judge.

Service has always been on point. Very friendly, super helpful, and well-trained staff.

All in all, I’ve had great experiences at this place. Definitely recommended!










LPT – Gardens

Before telling you how lovely this branch is, I would like to thank “La Petite Table” for the invitation to try out their new/updated menu. Honestly, I was excited because I already like LPT but haven’t been to the Gardens branch before, so it was like a whole new experience. Luckily, we wasn’t disappointed; on the contrary we were very impressed. This branch is well-designed just as the one in Verdun, but it seemed more laidback and relaxing. The “winter garden” area is very nice. Super friendly and helpful staff.

We started off with the “Salmon & Mango Ceviche” followed by the “Salmon Bowl”. I have to say: Yummy! The ingredients are super fresh! Both tasted really good. The “Salmon Bowl” is not really a new item on the menu, but the updated a couple ingredients and changed the dressing. It definitely tastes much better now. If you’re not into the mix of sweet with sour, then probably these dishes are not for you. You probably wouldn’t like them. After that, we had the “Veal Filet & Young Potatoes”. The meat was so tender, you feel like it melts in your mouth. The mix of fresh and sautéed mushrooms is really tasty.

Now, let’s discuss the best part of all: the LPT tarts! They’re freshly baked on daily basis and are oh-so-yummy! They all look so tempting that it’s super hard to choose which one to have. After a long discussion 😛 we decided on the Mango & Passionfruit as well as the Pomegranate & Rose tarts. I swear they’re heavenly; don’t leave before you taste at least one of them. I wanna try the other tarts next time 😛

Oh and by the way they have very tasty natural iced teas that they make themselves – not canned! Try them.

Definitely highly recommended! Thank you again for the lovely dinner 🙂