Sep 14, 2018
Masha Baghdadi

Kami in Blue

Oh, what an experience! I advise each and every one of you to try Kami in Blu before summer ends. The setting is exquisite; I’d dare to say it has one of the best sunsets in the world. Located in Byblos Sud Village, Kami sits on the shore with an amazing sea view, perfect for romantic sunsets.

Staff is super friendly; big thanks to Nancy for taking great care of us.

We ordered so many yummy dishes. Dynamite Shrimp and Salmon Taco for appetizers were super tasty. As for salads, we tried the Ceviche White Fish (from Peru) and the Crispy Salmon. Delicious, both! We also ordered a wide selection of makis which were all super good. My favorites were the Dancing Shrimp (with salmon and shrimp – all grilled), Magda (all cooked), Crispy Avocado (with Philly cheese), and the Salmon Temptation (served in a spoon). What I noticed about the Kami makis is that they’re a bit heavy, so don’t order much. Also, if you feel like trying something different, go for the Hamachi Delight; it contains Japanese white fish. As for a light order, you can try the Ernesto roll that comes in rice paper without rice. Mango lovers can go for the Mango touch, or an even more tropical option Makiwi (Mango + Kiwi). What’s most important is that everything was super fresh.

So, have a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy!

Oh, and don’t forget to top all that with some mochi for dessert.

Highly recommended.