Sep 14, 2017
Masha Baghdadi


IHOP? Oh, I’m already hopping at this place… Okay, nevermind! Lame joke…

Now, seriously! Apparently, I’m outdated and have been living in some cave because I didn’t know what’s ihop, but now I know it’s something huge, and it finally landed in Lebanon. It’s a bit weird why they chose Choueifat for their first branch. Maybe ‘cause it’s close to the airport?! Okay, another lame joke… Maybe I shouldn’t be writing reviews today!

Anyway, I would probably go for some place closer to Beirut, and good news: they’re planning to open in Hamra soon, so we’re waiting for that!

It’s located in The Spot Choueifat which is actually a nice new mall and a pretty large one. We were invited for tasting, and I have to admit it was super yummy!

It was actually very hard to choose what to order because everything looked so appealing. We finally settled with the Strawberry, Banana & Chocolate Sauce Waffle, the Raspberry and Peach Pancakes, and the Sirloin Tips & Eggs along with Chocolate Pancakes which, frankly speaking, were average. Whereas the buttermilk pancakes were so yummy and fluffy. The Sirloin Tips & Eggs were delicious. As for the waffle, it was heavenly! Sooo good!

Staff very friendly and helpful with great knowledge about the menu. Service a bit slow, but it’s okay… it was a busy day! Clean and spacious branch with outdoor seating.

I would definitely visit again to try the crepes and omelets! Can’t wait for the second branch to open in Beirut!