Oct 23, 2017
Masha Baghdadi

Eat Sunshine


I finally made it to this place, and I liked it a lot! The interior is lovely, so fresh with lots of light because most of the ceiling is glass. It’s clean and well-designed. It’s also a boutique, you pass through it to reach the café, selling home décor and stuff like that. We arrived around 12, and I was surprised to find the place empty but in about half an hour it became almost full. They serve brunch on Saturdays form 12 till 4; place closes at 5:30 and on Sundays.


The food was very good.

We ordered Eat Sunshine Eggs which are scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, kale, and mushroom. It was very delicious.

We also ordered Avocado Toast topped with poached eggs. I regret to say, the eggs were a bit overcooked. I’ve been dreaming of it for a whole week maybe, and had already decided before going that I want to order this exact Avocado Toast with poached eggs and that when I cut it, the egg yolk will drip all over the avocado spread and toast and… yum! But no… none of that happened, and I was disappointed. I actually told the waiter my comments, and he noted that. Later, I noticed that the poached eggs served to people next to me where cooked to perfection, and I got jealous! They tasted good but due to my high expectations, the whole thig felt unsatisfactory. The avocado spread, on the other hand, was so yummy with a perfect spicy taste.

We were not full yet, so we decided to share an Almond Butter Toast with bananas; it was very tasty but it could have more bananas to be honest.

We had the organic turmeric tea and latte with almond milk. Both were good, but honestly the latte was a bit expensive.

The portions were okay but the prices are a bit high which is justifiable since they use organic and gluten-free products.


Very friendly staff and great service, comfy couches and nice seating, and healthy delicious food, all made me fall in love with this place and left me feeling light and happy. Great way to start your day!