Feb 18, 2019
Masha Baghdadi
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Breakfast Barn: Organic Eatery

Now, this is definitely one of my favorite breakfast spots in Lebanon. I love the ambiance, the interior, and the food they serve is simply delicious not to mention the fact that it’s super healthy, organic, and fresh.

I love their jars (Quickies) that contain organic almond chia pudding with various toppings. So refreshing! You can also make your own yogurt or milk mixtures. If you’re a goat cheese lover (like myself), then the goat cheese toastees are a must-try for you. Especially the one with strawberries – so yum! I also tried the “ceci n’est pas un cheese”, a toast with organic almond cheese. I was afraid it was going to be something similar to soy cheese which I’m not a fan of, but surprisingly, it tasted really good; a great option for those who are vegan. In fact, this place offers lots of vegan dishes. Also, the “Almonana”, a toast with organic stone ground almond butter that is yummy. As for eggs lovers (also like myself), the “Eggs-quisites” are a must. I loved the avocado toast topped with eggs. I wished they were poached though; nevertheless, it was still super delicious, and they are baked so they are just as healthy as the poached ones. Also, if you like pesto, then you must try the “Egg O Pesto”. I can go on and on describing the food at this place because really everything is very tasty.

Great service and very friendly staff. The place is spotless. What I also love about it is the fact that delivery is as good as dine-in. Food quality is intact.

To be honest, the place is a bit pricey but totally worth it. Highly recommended.

Din Darella
Egg Ô Pesto
Chèvre Ô Fraises

1 comment

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