Feb 11, 2018
Masha Baghdadi

10+1 Options for that Romantic Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s is just around the corner, and you’re still undecided where to take your loved one for a romantic dinner? Well, you better hurry up to be able to squeeze yourselves into some good restaurant, so it doesn’t look like you decided last minute!

Guys, I’m here to help you! You know that we girls, well most of us, are the romantic type and really like all that candle light, soft music, heartwarming atmosphere, and tummy-warming food 😀 So, here are 10 + 1 top restaurants that you can take your lady to with full confidence and be sure to make her heart melt.

Attention: The restaurants that I will mention are my personal favorites and places that I’ve been to… I’m sure there are many more great places you can go to.

1- Sydney’s Club Bar and Restaurant
Located on the 13th floor of Le Vendôme Intercontinental, Ain Mreisse
Cuisine: Italian, French, Burger, Salad
Average cost: $133 for two
Wanna stay in Beirut by the coast? Sydney’s is a great fine dining restaurant with a lovely interior and an amazing view (tho at night you would probably see nothing :P). Very classy place and the food is just delectable.

2- Lola
Located in Bikfaya
Cuisine: French
Average cost: $150 for two
Yes, it’s a bit far from Beirut, and if you don’t know the area, you’ll definitely need to follow Google maps to get there because the road is a bit complicated; however, trust me you’ll love it. A true French fine dining restaurant with a country-style feel. Features a fireplace that makes the place super cozy. Food is simply delicious.

3- Locanda Corsini
Located in Bikfaya, close to Lola
Cuisine: Italian
Average cost: $100 for two
For the Italian fine dining lovers, this is the place to be. It is next to Lola, so it’s a somewhat long drive from Beirut. It’s a luxurious restaurant with a lovely romantic atmosphere and appetizing dishes.

4- The Fireplace – Massaya
Located in Faqra Kfardebian
Cuisine: French, Steak, Salad
Average cost: $100 for two
For that real escape from the city hustle. A cozy and warm fine dining restaurant with a fireplace and live cooking. Very pleasant atmosphere and exquisite food.

5- SteakBarSushi
Located in Naccache
Cuisine: Steak, Sushi (Obviously :P)
Average cost: $63 for two (as per Zomato, I’d say it’s around $180)
Less romantic option than the ones mentioned previously but definitely a great choice as well. It’s a more casual place but for sure has great warm ambiance not to mention that the food is just super delish.

6- Baron
Located in Mar Mkhael
Cuisine: Steak, Seafood, Healthy Food
Average cost: $90 for two
This place is a great choice for those who stick to a healthy diet or vegan-friendly. Even if you’re not interested in any of that, you’ll still enjoy food their tasteful food which is a bit unusual – in a good way – due to the fusion of items. The restaurant is casual but very chic and cozy with a nice interior and ambiance.

7- Kampai
Located in Minet El Hosn
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Salad
Average cost: $100 for two
Yes, Kampai is not a super romantic option and sometimes – most of the times – a pretty loud place, but it is a fine dining restaurant after all, and the food they serve is just heavenly. With Kampai you’ll never go wrong especially if you’re sushi lovers.

8- Café de Pénélope
Located in Badaro
Cuisine: Cafe, French, Italian, Spanish, Salad
Average cost: $50 for two with alcohol
I just had to include dinner options with different budgets. So you want a romantic place, but you don’t wanna sell your kidney? Here’s a great place you can go to. Yes, it’s a café, but it’s a romantic and very cozy one where you can have dinner and drinks which by the way taste great.

9- SUD Restobar – Dbayeh Branch
Located in Gardens, Dbayeh
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Salad, Pizza
Average cost: $60 for two with alcohol
Here’s another affordable place you can take your loved one to. Don’t worry, if you’re paying less does not mean you’re compromising with the quality of food or ambiance. It’s a lovely cozy place where the food is delightful. You can also choose to sit upstairs at their romantic 360 degrees bar and enjoy open fondue and stone grilling.

10- Em Sherif Restaurant
Located in Ashrafieh
Cuisine: Lebanese
Average cost: $150 for two
I was trying to narrow down the options into different cuisines; I think I covered many of them and what’s left is a Lebanese option for those patriots out there. Personally, I wouldn’t say that this option is what I’d choose for Valentine’s – that’s because, though I love Lebanese cuisine, I don’t think it’s the romantic atmosphere; however, if you’re really into a Lebanese dinner for Valentine’s, then this is probably your best option so as to keep a feeling of luxury and fine dining for your date. Food is definitely divine.

11- Verseine
Located on the Ground Floor of The Bridge, Sin el Fil
Cuisine: French
Average cost: $135 for two
I remembered this place last minute! How could I possibly forget such a nice and classy piano bar like Verseine. It’s a luxurious newly-opened venue in Beirut, but definitely a wonderful choice if you’re in for some live music, great ambiance and good French cuisine.


Hope that was helpful; and by the way ladies you can also take the initiative and invite your man. Trust me, guys appreciate that!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone <3